A holiday in Zanzibar,  the African island near Tanzania where there is a blend of a flourishing environment,  old African tradition and dazzling colors.   All this means an idyllic destination where you can regain well-being for the body and soul.

A holiday in Zanzibar offers many thrills: delicious flavors in an enchanting location, the warmth and hospitality of the local people and the pleasure in exploring old traditions on this wonderful African island.

A holiday in Zanzibar is made up of a crystal clear sea which is populated by many brightly colored fish.  The rich barrier reef with its corals is an ideal destination for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts, while its shores with its impalpable dazzling white sand is perfect for a gorgeous walk admiring the awesome sunset.

But Zanzibar is not only sea.  It also known as the “Spice Island” due to its vast cultivations of nutmeg , cinnamon, and  cloves.  A trip to the cultivations, during a holiday in Zanzibar, where you can admire a typical cross section of Tanzania and wander among distinguishing scents of this land of vast surprises. During a holiday in Zanzibar a trip to Stone Town, which is its capital city , is a must.   ( Unguja,  this is the local name of this most important island  of the archipelago of Zanzibar.)  The historical centre of Stone Town has been declared World Heritage by  UNESCO and it is easy to understand why.  Stone Town is a maze of lanes and small streets with wonderful historical buildings, mosques, bazaars and  old famous and elaborately carved street gates which are symbols of wealth of ancient family proprietors.  In this centre of crossroads of people and culture one can clearly feel the charm and majesty of a  past era and the decline that the island  has gone through.

A Holiday in Zanzibar gives you the opportunity to explore uncontaminated and blissful sceneries, all the colors, tastes and traditions of this magic island of the African continent.For your vacation in Zanzibar,  the ideal location to best enjoy this idyllic country is Next Paradise Boutique Resort. A hotel of small dimensions ideal for those who are searching for a quiet and relaxing holiday away from chaos.  A recently built resort overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches of the island,  Pwani Mchangani.   The resort is a real boutique-hotel which mixes Zanzabaris styles with European comforts, and offers maximum comfort and is renowned for its restaurant that offers the freshest local products and mixes dishes of Zanzibaris tradition with international ideas.  Close to  the tourist resort there is the fishermen’s village which is a postcard picture!

At only a kilometer from the hotel, the wonderful barrier reef of the Indian Ocean unfolds, reachable  on foot when there is low tide,  and while a light gentle breeze blows constantly all day,  time goes by lazily and languidly in this idyllic setting.

For your vacation in Zanzibar choose the well-being of paradise!

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