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To begin with…

The worldwide outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought significant impact on the world. In the light of this situation, Zanzibar is resuming tourism operations, whilst ensuring the safety of both visitors and the locals. At Next Paradise Boutique Resort we have established precaution and safety protocols as recommended from the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization. Based on the guidelines, we designed a standard operating procedures whilst continuing to offer the same Next Paradise experience.


General Cleaning Measures

Regular cleaning and sanitizing with proper solutions of all common areas, guest rooms and work rooms is essential to protect the health and the safety of our guests and our staff.

  • Our staff is trained on routine cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and surfaces.
  • High touch surfaces are cleaned even more frequently- doorknobs and handles, telephones, light switches, tables, chairs, washrooms and menus.
  • Service staff uses recommended protective gear during sanitizing duties.



Common areas

Hand sanitizers are placed for the guests to use in all common areas at all times.
We are lucky enough to be on Zanzibar with amazing location just a few degrees from the Equator, therefore a tropical climate allows us to have all the common areas in open spaces. The safe distance of minimum 1.5 meter is ensured at all time and safe communication in the common areas as well. Staff must use the disinfectant regularly and after each use disinfect all of the surfaces.


Luggage collection disinfection procedure


The person handling the luggage is washing hands and using alcohol based hand sanitizer as frequently as possible and always after handling the luggage.



 Guests transfers

All vehicles are provided with hand sanitizer and the driver must wear the safety mask while in the car. Car handles and car parts are sanitized before/after trip with the guests.

Room setting and cleaning procedures


  • Room cleaning staff must sanitize their hands using the recommended sanitizer on finishing each room and before entering the next room.
  • All guest rooms must be fully cleaned and disinfected using the recommended disinfectant soon after use.
  • Consideration is given to increased time between check-out and check-in to ensure housekeeping to have sufficient time for thorough deep cleaning of the room.



  • Laundry attendants must wear the effective and recommended protective gear and wash hands regularly.
  • Front-loading area of washing machines are sanitized frequently.
  • Laundry attendant must sanitize and wipe down all surfaces and washing machine doors inside, the tumble dryer, outside and the door handle.

Pool areas

  • It is necessary to maintain the concentration of disinfectant in the water and within the limits recommended according to international norms and standards.
  • The loungers are spaced at 2 meters between groups. We have a very spacious property, which is never crowded, even at its full capacity.


Food and Beverage services


  • Food handlers must regularly wash and sanitize hands.
  • Minimizing direct handling of food and preventing cross-contamination of foods.
  • Clean and sanitize utensils and surfaces In the kitchen using standard sanitizing solutions.
  • Increase frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of all the surfaces.
  • No Buffet available.
  • Disinfecting all thekitchen equipment frequently.



To end with..


Next Paradise Boutique Resort is a charming small resort with 26 fully furnished units with soul, located in Pwani Mchangani, Zanzibar.
It has a variety of room categories to choose from, including private villas with private pool.
Next Paradise Boutique Resort has an amazing breathtaking location on white sanded beach with turquoise water.
It is well known for its elegance, excellent cuisine and intimate atmosphere.
The Next Paradise’s ultimate goal is to maintain the hotel’s excellence and continue to complete the main mission to provide the finest facilities and services on the island, in order to satisfy the demands and expectations of the guests and at the same time protect their health.



In recent weeks there has been a lot of questions on the above subject such that we thought it best to clarify the information shared with regards to Covid-19 testing.

First, a negative COVID certificate is not needed on arrival in Zanzibar unless specified by the country of departure or airline. There are extra screening measures and questionnaires in place at Zanzibar airport. A negative covid-19 test result on departure from Zanzibar is not needed by tourists, expats or citizens, unless the airline or destination country requires it. The above is in line with Travel Advisory No.5 of 5th August, 2020. There is only one hospital in Zanzibar mandated to test. The contact at the hospital is +255 773 699191. Please make an appointment in advance. They will take the test using swabs as per international regulation.
They will take your contact details.
The results of the test will be issued within 72 hours.


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